Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless Split Systems, also called ductless mini splits provide a quiet and efficient way of cooling and heating those hard to condition spaces in your home or office. Whether you have a home with no pre-existing ductwork, are building an addition, or just have a pesky space such as a bedroom or home office that is always too hot or too cold – ARP offers an easy and affordable HVAC solution.

Mitsubishi Electric split-zoning systems allow each room or space to be conditioned individually without the need or cost of installing ductwork or using unsightly window units. With the simple installation of an outdoor condensing unit or heat pump and an indoor air-handler for each zoned space, you can transform any area in your home (or your entire home) into an oasis of comfort.

For Use In:

  • Hot & Cold Spots
  • Additions & Renovations
  • Enclosed Patios
  • Homes without Space for Ductwork
  • Larger, Multi-Zone Living Spaces
  • Hot & Cold Spots
  • Additions & Renovations
  • Enclosed Patios
  • Homes without Space for Ductwork
  • Larger, Multi-Zone Living Spaces

Ductless Splits

Key Benefits

Year-Round Comfort

A single heat pump system that provides both air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort.

No Ducts, No Problem

Installing ductwork can get messy, not to mention very expensive.  With a Mitsubishi ductless system, you don’t need ductwork to enjoy the conveniences of a comfortable home or office.

Save Energy & Money

Ductless systems use 25% to 50% less energy to heat and cool your home.

Comfort Control

A Mitsubishi system gives you freedom to control your comfort in each and every room.

Cleaner, Healthier Air

A Mitsubishi system reduces germs, bacteria and viruses while absorbing odor-causing gases to give you cleaner, healthier air.

Ductless Selection


Indoor Unit

A wall-mounted style unit mounts high on a wall and is unobtrusive to the visual area within a room.  The wall unit models are similar in white color but come in two different designs that have different features that enhance their functions within the space.


Indoor Unit

The Mitsubishi floor-standing model attaches to the wall, six inches above the floor.  This unit is often used in areas where there is minimal or no wall space available.


Indoor Unit

When a ducted model is selected as the indoor unit that best fits your need, it can easily be installed either in the ceiling or beneath the floor in a crawl space or basement.  This style accomodates the use of short duct runs and registers to deliver and return air from the space to the unit.


Features & Benefits

  • Cooling Efficiency: From 13-26 SEER
  • Heating Efficiency: From 8.2 up to 13.5 HSPF
  • Size/Capacity: Up to 48,000 Btu/h
  • Sound Levels: Down to 19 dB(A)
  • Single and multi-zone units available
  • Up to 8 units from one system
  • INVERTER-driven compressor technology
  • Choose from more than 25 ENERGY STAR® qualified models
  • Warranty: 7-year compressor, 7-year parts