Comfort Control At Your Fingertips

Don’t compromise your home comfort, take control of it. With ARP’s advanced control systems you can transform your home or office, room-by-room into an oasis of comfort from anywhere in the world!

ARP’s professionally installed zoning systems allow you to selectively heat or cool individual spaces as they need it, drastically reducing your hot and cold spots, temperature fluctuations and overall energy usage.

In addition to zoning, ARP also offers a wide selection of temperature controls. From basic set and go digital thermostats to advanced, wi-fi enabled, touch-screen controls, we have solutions to fit just about any need or lifestyle.


Types of Thermostats

Wi-Fi Enabled

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats offer the highest degree of comfort management, allowing you to control your home’s temperature, humidity, ventilation, airflow, indoor air quality and zoning from any device that has an internet connection.  These advanced devices can also offer features that fit your lifestyle such as touch screen technology, system diagnostics, filter replacement reminders and energy usage reports and forecasting.


Digital, non-programmable thermostats offer manual control of temperature with no options for scheduling.


A programmable thermostat makes the most efficient use of your system by allowing you to set temperature schedules throughout the day.  More advanced programmable thermostats also allow you to control humidity, ventilation, airflow, indoor air quality, and zoning from the stat menu.  Types of programmable stats include:

  • 7-Day thermostats allow you to program a unique setting for each day of the week.
  • 5-1-1 Day thermostats allow you to set one program for the weekdays and separate programs for Saturday and Sunday.
  • 5-2 Day thermostats allow you to set one program for the weekdays and one program for the weekends.
  • 1 Week thermostats allow you to set one program for the entire week.